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Is the new “Ghostbusters” so special?

So many of my friends are over-the-stars about the new all-woman Ghostbusters that I decided to see it a second time to see if my first reaction was wrong. They sing it’s importance in the fight for female equality. I just thought … Continue reading

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“Tarzan” has come a long way

The new movie The Legend of Tarzan is not your great-grandfather’s “Tarzan.” I admit I went for Alexander Skarsgård’s admirable muscles and pecs, but stayed for the plot. I even went back for a second viewing. The original  “Tarzan of the Apes” was published … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Free State of Jones

I’m back! My apologies for not posting recently. I have been posting some of my movie reviews at an U.K. website but this movie, Free State of Jones is about the American Civil War from the Confederate side. I decided to publish it … Continue reading

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