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Local news media held their annual Journopalooza  – Battle of the Media Bands – at the Hard Rock Cafe in D.C. Translated that means that a solid crop of Washington’s reporters, editors, television people and more came together to drink, socialize … Continue reading

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#ColorOurCollection and #SW:TFA in Imax: updates

What’s the use of a blog if you can’t update your earlier postings on such things as “#StarWars ” and “#ColorOurCollection” ? Update on ” #StarWarsTheForceAwakens ” see it your way: I went to see SW:TFA for a fourth time at … Continue reading

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#ColorOurCollections is an artistic treat for adults and children

Didn’t you like to color as a child? Papers, walls, driveways – whatever struck your fancy. Now you have an opportunity to go back to those halcyon days when crayons or chalk were the end-all and be-all of your desires, … Continue reading

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