Divine Felines and #NationalCatDay

Let me turn you on to something.

On October 29, this Sunday, it’s @NationalCatDay which looks like just an excuse to indulge in feline adoration. As if the 74,059,000 owners, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, need an excuse.

I love cats. (I love dogs as well, but I have my finger on the scale for cats. I have friends who have their entire fists on the scale for dogs so we’re even.)

When I went to Istanbul in 2015, I found a city overrun with cats. Respected and loved by the Turks, stray cats fed by the locals (who enjoy mouse policing) and many tourists who enjoy the purr! So I wrote a piece about my trip, including a slide show.

The, in 2017, out came #Kedi, an independent film on what? Cats. The cats of Istanbul in all their glory. Cat lovers it will be released on November 14th on Amazon.com. Just in time for Christmas.

In my piece on the re-opening of the Freer Gallery of Art  here in Washington D.C. where they have a brand new exhibit of “Divine Felines” cats in ancient Egypt.


You will l notice that there are two pictures of dogs in this collection. The Freer|Sackler exhibit includes canine influences in Egypt as well.

So now, at the end of this fantastically busy month of October, we have #NationalCatDay, celebrating our feline buddies.


In honor of that, I’ll share my favorite cat picture of this year: Chunky who has a “taste” for Apple iWatches.

Chunky was up for adoption at the local Petsmart where I volunteer. Lively and a true purr engine, he was taken home by a good family. I only hope they were PC users.

Finally, so sorry not to be updating this blog more often. It’s not that I haven’t written. It just hasn’t been posted. I will attempt to be more timely.

Happy #NationalCatDay !!

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