Super Bowl notes

I actually wrote this during last night’s Super Bowl but I decided to transfer it here. Kind of fun doing what I occasionally used to do in a newsroom, but, now, I can have *opinions.*

Here’s the Avengers: Endgame Trailer #2. Spoiler: Downbeat.

New Captain Marvel ad for film coming out early March. I already have my ticket.

Update #24: And that is that. For the first time I was rooting for the Patriots because I didn’t feel the Rams won legit. Good luck for next year. And CBS or NFL? Cut the internal reporters mike feed please? I can hear them being crushed.

Update #23: Another T-Mobile text ad. Oh, the Wpost Journalist ad. So proud of having been a journalist, so heartbreaking to see Austin again, #FreeAustinTice, in a video I hadn’t seen before. I am now sniffing.

Update #22: Another Michelob ad. (I don’t drink. I have to Google the spelling of all these beer companies to get them right.) Ad proclaiming that young girls might be football players and should have the chance. Blink?

Update #21: Okay, I love that Alexa ad. The fountain gets me every time. Worth searching out for a link. And Harrison Ford, 76, still Hot!

Update #20: Burger King brings back Andy Warhol? Boy, whose the audience (other than people my age… uh….) who recognized him? Oh, the Budweiser horses with Dylan and “Blowing in the wind” proclaiming the beer’s brewed by wind power. Cute.

Update #19: Huge push for inclusion of all kinds of kids with the Microsoft ad. ANOTHER Bud Light medieval corn syrup ad. Oh, why? Don’t care. Oh, wait = the NCGA National Corn famers unhappy with dissing on corn syrup. Whatever. They can put the corn back in ethanol. Second heart-tugger ad on First Responders. Sniff.

Update #18: I guess after this year’s bad press (Moonves), CBS is trying to remind you of its greatest hits. Comcast ad on their advances in technology.

Update #17: Amazon new series: Hanna looks interesting. New sneakers look cool – Sketchers. More Bud Light ads proclaiming they have no corn syrup. I guess this has become a *thing*.

Update #16: Google ad on Military=heart tugging. Very simple. Colgate ad with man-in-your-face? Ugh. Not a good seller for me.

Update #15: Devour foods has at least caught my attention. I’ll recognize the name. NFL players supporting kids, Inspire Change. Good ad. Lots of NFL ads tonight.

Update #15: Oh, lordie, another T-Mobile ad texting. Sigh. Still not changing my phone. Another tech ad Are we back before the bubble burst of 2000? . Netflix does nature special Our Planet. Another one for togetherness. Robots depressed because they can’t drink Michelob and humans can.

Update #14: KIA Telleride ad is a heart-tugger but why do the water stunt if you have to tell people Not To Do it? Michael Buble for Buble water. Cute.

Update #13: Toyota Supra ad to The Who’s Tommy. Little complicated. ADT wants to protect your house. Alicia Keys for the Grammy Awards — okay. Hewlett Packard is out to simplify your IT life by banishing a huge red monster. Ok. Redfin wants to sell your house. Xfinity wants to protect your house. There are many PROTECT YOUR HOME electronically adverts.

My take on Halftime? I enjoyed the classic style with more emphasis on the singing and music than Spectacular Performances.

Update #12: Okay the NFL 100 ad was fun even if I recognized only 2 of the numerous players. (Here’s the behind the scenes video)  Time for Half-time!

Update#11: CBS has decided to push all their shows before the half-time show. Local ads. Yellow Tail wine ad playing it safe.

Update #10: Turbotax robot is just… weird. Stella Artois with star actors. Seen it before. Sprint ad with bigger robots and a mermaid. Wouldn’t make me change to Sprint. Lebron James & new TV show ad.

Update #9: MintMobile with chunky milk takes me back to the ads of the early digital era and all those start-ups that failed. 2001, anyone? Norwegian cruise lines=normal ad. Oh, wow. Young Spock for Star Trek: Discovery. Hotness!

Update #8: Toni Harris football player ROCKS for the Toyota Rav-4 upcoming hybrid. Planters automobile cashew was… uh, interesting. Hi Charlie Sheen!

Update #7: Mercedes wish-fulfillment ad was notable for the handsome lead. Persil spent a lot on their cleaning ad. Suitable for daytime TV. T-Mobile/Taco Bell text/twitter/ho-hum.

Update #6: Just saw the third ad supporting worldwide togetherness, this time from Google. The others: Audi ad with guy meeting grandpa and getting a car while choking on a cashew was poor because you had to wait until the end to find out what it was advertising.

Update #5: Game of Thrones meets Bud Light knight. OMG. Dragon flaming. Toasted knight.

Update #4: Expensify’s ice cold rap ad was – snort! Giggle!
The Rock’s new movie is humor and violence. Hobbs and Shaw.

Update #3: The corn syrup/beer ad was really cute. The sparkling water mermaids of Spiked Selzer was fun but having the fish come out behind the tails gave the impression that they were passing gas. Unfortunate. The Doritos ad was uninspiring.

Update #2: Turkish Airlines was interesting. Created by film director, Ridley Scott. Personally, I flew that airline and they were wonderful.

Update #1 ads: Liked the Serena Williams dominance ad; Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale was unnerving which was the point of course.

Current ads: Pizza Hut with Lincoln, obnoxious; Coca-Cola, together is kinda cute.

Blogger note: One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to post one blog every month. Here’s February, but who knows what may come next? Maybe two! 

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