Back… well, maybe soon.

Wild Azaleas in full bloom

In February 2020, I wrote a long post about an exhibit at the National Museum of Asian Art about a wonderful Syrian/Iraq exhibit involving ISIS destruction.

Then came the pandemic, COVID-19, the coronavirus, staying at home, the election, the endless elections, etc. The hunt for toilet paper and Lysol spray. Then other real life problems intervened.

I wonder if the 2020s will be like 1920s when the people moved quickly on, passed all those deaths from the Flu. The world now is considerably more wired now in that we know of deaths in India as we do in Oregon as we do in Italy. Will we block it out because it’s too much to acknowledge all the time?

My outdoor visits were mostly to help take care of adoptions of cats at my local Petsmart, food shop, and to take occasion long walks. I did help write a book. More on that later.

At the end of this brief, I will keep that Iraq post handy since the museum will some day reopen and I can post it. In the meantime? Enjoy the spring/fall depending on where you are. Mother Earth seemed to have enjoyed cooping up humanity because in my area, the plants are bursting out all over.

See you soon!

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