Lazy Days of Summer at the National Zoo

On a warm summer’s day at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. there were only a few animals stirring. Most of them were human. But among the animal kingdom:

A clouded leopard yawned, then fell back to sleep.


Nearby, a fish cat snoozed on its perch.


But the birds were more awake. The emu was inquisitive.

2015-zoo-inquisitive-emu  2015-zoo-emu-profile

The white-naped cranes called one another


The flamingoes were out in force.

2015-zoo-flamingo-seibel 2015-zoo-flamingo-1

The Kori Bustard posed. The burrowing owl was looking for dinner.



The elephant was a huge hit. Suggestion: if  you want to visit the zoo, go at dusk or early in the day. Lesson learned. DSC09156



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