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Top shopping at the Smithsonian Craft Show

I have seldom walked through a craft show and had my jaw drop at virtually every booth. The outstanding quality and imagination sets the 2018 Smithsonian Craft show at the National Building Museum apart from so many others. It is … Continue reading

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#ColorOurCollection and #SW:TFA in Imax: updates

What’s the use of a blog if you can’t update your earlier postings on such things as “#StarWars ” and “#ColorOurCollection” ? Update on ” #StarWarsTheForceAwakens¬†” see it your way: I went to see SW:TFA for a fourth time at … Continue reading

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Lazy Days of Summer at the National Zoo

On a warm summer’s day at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. there were only a few animals stirring. Most of them were human. But among the animal kingdom: A¬†clouded¬†leopard yawned, then fell back to sleep. Nearby, a fish cat … Continue reading

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