See it your way: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in 3 different theaters

It’s been a month. If you’ve managed to stay spoiler-free about “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, then you must be living an Internet-free life or as a recluse in an Irish island monastery – and will not be reading this.

'New 'droid BB-8 and R2-D2 at Star Wars: Celebration in 2015.

‘New ‘droid BB-8 and R2-D2 at Star Wars: Celebration in 2015.

This post is actually more about the difference in theater experiences between the three times I saw “SW:TFA.”

The first time was Thursday opening night in a small multiplex, standard projection. The second was in a stadium-style 3D project. The third was, again, standard but in wide-screen with stadium seating (thus no heads in the way.)

The first was exciting because the story was new, the characters interesting, the continuation of the saga I’ve followed since 1977. The flat theater floor with tight seats were not as old as the series itself, but still weren’t modern. The ‘experience’ made up for the limitations.

The second was very uncomfortable. The film seemed physically darker with the 3D, the effect detracting from the plot. I was left dissatisfied.

But the third time, like the porridge at the Three Bears’ home, was the best. The showing was in Arclight wide-screen with Dolby sound. The wide-screen was the important part, though the Dolby sound was wonderful as the well-known themes rolled out over the credits.

The experience was perceptively more enjoyable in the wide-screen.  The fight scenes were crisp, the details clear, the actors works easier to enjoy. (I  suspect that an Imax theater might have the same effect but wasn’t convenient for me to reach. Then again, films do look different in Imax format (speaking from earlier experiences.)

I came away with a definite feeling of understanding of the new additions to the “Star Wars” Saga after seeing “TFA” this last time. The frustrations of the 3D had dissipated.

(That doesn’t mean I changed any of my earlier opinions in this blog’s postings.)

However, it means I’ll definitely look to see films in the wide-screen theaters w/o 3D. When I spend that much money to see a film in a theater, then I want the best for me, personally.

Like all consumers nowadays, I want it my way.

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