#ColorOurCollection and #SW:TFA in Imax: updates

What’s the use of a blog if you can’t update your earlier postings on such things as “#StarWars ” and “#ColorOurCollection” ?

The First Order from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" photographed at 2015's "Celebration" convention.

The First Order from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” photographed at 2015’s “Celebration” convention.

Update on ” #StarWarsTheForceAwakens ” see it your way:

I went to see SW:TFA for a fourth time at the Airbus #Imax theater at the  Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy museum out in Chantilly Virginia.

The 3-D Imax there is the new version that includes “our xenon digital system, IMAX 15/70mm film and our next-generation laser system” according to Imax. Let me just say that it is superb. The resolution on the “Star Wars” ships were  stunning. The new worlds of #StarWars stood out brilliantly. The sense of depth was unbelievable.

So I modify my earlier posting: If you’re going to see #StarWarsTheForceAwakens in 3-D, spend your chase to see it this super #Imax. It’s worth every extra cent you will pay for it.

(By the way, the theater at the Udvar-Hazy needs some upgrading (like fixing the sharp edged broken arm rest.) Can’t one of the 1% tech billionaires out there help out the Smithsonian to upgrade the @airandspace theater? Please?)

(By the way, 2: There are two Imax Smithsonian theaters. The Lockheed Martin Imax theater down on the National Mall in Washington D.C. is closed until March 2016 because they’re putting in the super Imax. Whoo-Hoo!)

In the case of #ColorOurCollection, it was a success for museums, coloring books, adults, children and probably Crayola as my friend, Jill O’Neill points out in “What #ColorOurCollections Suggests” in The Scholarly Kitchen.

Spread by Twitter, and joined in by over a hundred museums and archives, it was a chance for academia/museum/education to show and share their stuff. (Want to see what happened when creativity flourished? Check it out.)

My favorite paragraph from O’Neill’s article: “At a casual glance, #Color Our Collections appears to be a somewhat frivolous re-purposing of content. Given due consideration, it proves not to be frivolous at all. As an initiative, it met without question the challenge tweeted by Bourg; it spoke to new communities and was the fruit of collaborative effort.”

As museums and schools reach out to younger generations, this is an example of using digital media to spark their interest and attention. Bravo!


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