DC’s Cherry Blossoms, Miami and bureaucrats

It’s spring in Washington which means it’s all about the cherry… blossoms. This year we’ve been blessed with several days of warmer-than-normal weather.

2016-03-16 11-33-23 -0400

The blossoms are reacting in the usual fashion, blossoming before the festivities. The National Cherry Blossom Festival parade and hordes of (well-paying, thank you) tourists may only see the fallen petals swirling around them as they go from museum to museum on the National Mall.

Years ago, I wrote an article about how the cherry blossoms came to D.C.  I pointed out that if it wasn’t for a government bureaucrat named David Fairchild, the extravaganza of  multiple shades of pink blossoms wouldn’t be adorning America’s Capitol as well as many others. He worked for the Department of Agriculture on  he traveled the world “in search of plants of potential use to the American people” including mangos. (I love mangos.)  He’s known for the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens in Miami, Florida.

He’s also the man who introduced kudzu (to the joy of land-clearing goats across the DC region.)

So come to D.C., enjoy the blossoms, gladden the hearts of stores and museums, and even gawk at the renovation of the Old Post Office on Pennsylvania Ave by that builder: Trump.

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